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About Us


    Nepal FREED is a (NGO) registered non-profit organization based in Bhalche, Nuwakot district of Nepal. It is an umbrella organization serving groups in Nepal who need assistance in furthering educational needs for the Children of Nepal. Now, in combination with Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation, a non-profit 501 (3) (c) organization located in Northern California, contributions to Nepal FREED qualify for a tax deduction (with only 3% deducted for administration purposes).

     It was founded in January 2009, by Jay Tamang and my brother Hira Tamang with the nine board members, mostly from the region of Bhalche. We came together with the hope of providing better education for children, orphan and physically disabled of Nepal.

     Take a minute and don't miss this opportunity to learn about Nepal and Nepal FREED, check this slideshow.     

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Our Vision


local people     

     The primary goal of the Nepal FREED is to make education more accessible for the children of Nepal by both increasing the resources available for education, as well as the number of students benefiting from it. Nepal FREED funds will be used to build new schools or to renovate old school buildings as well as to hire qualified teachers and provide school supplies to children who are unable to afford them.

local peoplelocal people

local people

     The project will also serve to stimulate the local economy by limiting the involvement to local administrators and laborers. Furthermore, Nepal FREED wishes to maintain a learning environment where traditional Nepalese cultural values can flourish. Above all, this foundation is committed to fostering faith in the power of education. The doors will be open not only to children, but to any adult wishing to continue (or begin) their education.

     The secondary goal of Nepal FREED is to aid the local health post in widening the scope of its care. Thirty percent of the money raised by the foundation will go towards the health post – increasing the budget for training, free prescriptions, treatments, and preventative measures.

     Though we are starting small, our ambition is to help as many people as possible, using the success of the initial project to generate interest and funding that will allow us to duplicate the project in similarly remote and disadvantaged villages across Nepal.      

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Our Values

• We are committed to the highest standards of quality in our programs and operations.

• We are committed to including both stakeholders and beneficiaries in the project development process.

• We maintain respect for the value and dignity of all persons with whom we work and serve.

• We believe all people young or old have the potential to succeed and the right to equal opportunity and support.    

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For inquiries or suggestions, please email to:
jaylama@nepalfreed.org or hiratamang@nepalfreed.org

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